Meet Kate: a physicist in the male-dominated labs of the 1980s. With a trademark perm and HUGE glasses, follow Kate as she discovers her potential as a cutting edge scientist.

As the pounding beats of her records crash and the elements of her personal life collide, Kate is in a spin.

With extraordinary puppetry, an electrifying set of shadow and light and a filmic score, Flux journeys into the kaleidoscope of Kate’s mind; the neon glow, the radioactive tunes and the ride of a lifetime. 

Flux is inspired by the work of female scientists and has been developed with Shoreditch Town Hall, Oxford Playhouse, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Cornerstone Arts, Brewery Arts Centre and the Institute of Physics.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

“Inventive” “Entertaining” “Irresistible” – British Theatre Guide


“the inventive and entertaining delivery is really what made Flux irresistible” – British Theatre Guide

“the real success of the show is the realisation of a ‘flesh and blood’” character – ✮✮✮✮ Breaking the Fourth Wall

“pertinent and inspirational” – ✮✮✮✮ Reviews Hub

“beautifully charming” – ✮✮✮✮  Creative Reviews UK

“visually the show is stunning” – A Younger Theatre

“Smoking Apples is sending a message to all girls and women: you have to speak up to get what you deserve” – The Strand


Flux has been in the pipeline for what seems like forever and it certainly has taken us a while to get this off the ground. In 2016, we started to think about making a new show. Looking back over our previous work, we realised that (unintentionally) we have always had male protagonists at the centre of our stories. This sparked a discussion between us, questioning why this was and how it might change and challenge our process if our central character was a women. It was from here that we began to research into female figures in science who were not credited for their research and discoveries, with their male counterparts taking the praise. Most notably Lise Meitner, a physicist who discovered nuclear fission in the late 1930s but whose work was undermined by her colleague Otto Hahn, who was later awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery.

Developing Flux has been voyage of discovery in many ways, creating a narrative around a female character and designing, making and operating a female body has been hugely challenging. Throughout the process, we’ve been forced to confront societal expectations and stereotypes and most importantly, our own bias and viewpoints. 

Once again, we are hugely indebted to an incredible team of creatives who have helped to make this our most ambitious show to date. They jump straight into our world and work with story, light and sound to bring our ideas to life. Flux also wouldn’t be possible without the help of the amazing venues and organisations we have worked with. The stalwart faith of Shoreditch Town Hall, Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford Playhouse, Cornerstone, Didcot and Kirkgate Arts, Cumbria have kept this dream alive and kept us sane in the process. 

So, here we are and here is Flux, we hope you love it as much as we do.

For more information on our R&D process for the show, please click here.