Meet The Anthologists. Some call them travellers, some collectors, some call them story and people acceptors. These two have travelled far and wide, through time and space plenty besides.

Tracking the movement of people coming to the Kentish coast since the dawn of time, join these two as they map the past, present and future of communities seeking change.

With spellbinding puppetry and striking visual theatre, join Smoking Apples and discover we’re more alike than you think we are.

Smoking Apples are an award winning puppetry and visual theatre company, partnering with KRAN, Folkestone Harbour Arm, Folkestone Museum & Ann Morgan


Since moving to Folkestone three years ago, the central creative team for this project, Matt, Molly & George, have long been captivated by the town’s history of change and movement.

Migration and motion are part of human nature and whilst it is easy, currently, to view this through the very specific lens of immigration on the South East coast that dominates the headlines, Folkestone has a rich history of being a place that has held different communities of people across the ages. We Are More Alike Than You Think We Are is a chance for us to work closely with the community that we are now part of and to understand the complexities and intricacies of the town. We first started our relationship with Folkestone back in 2014, when we made and rehearsed one of our shows CELL (in collaboration with Dogfish Theatre). As part of the Creative Quarter’s drive to bring artists in, we rehearsed in the building that is now home to Bounce, at the bottom of the Creative Quarter, with the shop windows allowing people to peer in and watch what we were doing. Even in a small period of time, Folkestone is very different to what it was then, and on our regular return visits between then and now; performing at the Quarterhouse, and with Folkestone Puppetry Festival in the Harbour, one thing constant has remained; change. We are excited to be working with brilliant local partners, KRAN, Folkestone Museum, Folkestone Harbour Arm and local author Ann Morgan, to bring our unique style of puppetry and visual theatre to the place that we now call home.