Our latest show is called Three and we had a brilliant time undertaking a research and development phase for it, in Spring 2023.

Three is inspired by the real-life stories and intrinsic relationships between grandparents and grandchildren including isolation, loneliness, wisdom and familial ties, pertinent in the wake of the pandemic where separation has become everyday and many older people have become a lost generation. Three explores diverse British culture and heritage to bring three different stories of grandparents and grandchildren to life.

This is our first show combining mask and puppetry and we have loved working with Rachael Savage, artistic director of leading mask company, Vamos Theatre, to support on this new visual aspect. 

The Marlowe, Canterbury and the Garage, Norwich, hosted some of our rehearsals and we delivered both online and in-person sharing,  to get feedback to keep developing the show.

Community Workshops

We also worked with a number of brilliant community partners to ensure that the voices of older people in the community are represented in how we then show them on stage. Across the R&D, we delivered 7 community workshops with older people, with Age UK Tunbridge Wells, Medway African and Caribbean Society (MACA) and Bright Shadow. We then did a very special visit to CARM in Rolvenden, Kent, where we shared a segment of the content from the show, with the group.

We’re really looking forward to continue developing Three and we plan to premiere it in Spring 2025, so keep an eye out for further information.

You can find out more about the workshops we offer here.