Escaping on a Kindertransport train, one small Czech-Jewish girl embarks on a mighty adventure. 

Crossing between the past and present, Babi travels across Europe; from bon bons in Germany to the smell of the sea in Margate, she discovers how tiny acts of kindness can change the course of a person’s life. 

Joyful, moving and poignant, Kinder features beautiful table top puppetry and cinematic shadow play, as Babi tries to assemble the parts of her broken identity, to find peace in her future.

Kinder is a multi-award winning, from puppetry and visual theatre company Smoking Apples. Inviting you to take a seat inside an immersive set, the story unfolds through a series of playful hatches and openings. 

★★★★★ “Unmissable” – Everything Theatre

★★★★★ “A Brilliant Blend of Clever Storytelling” – Broadway World

★★★★★ ” A Symphony of Artistry” – West End Evenings

★★★★★ “A Must See Play” – Fairy Powered Productions

★★★★★ “Deeply emotional and thought-provoking” – Kat Masterson

★★★★★ “Clever and inventive, visually rich and beautifully emotive” – Always Time For Theatre

★★★★.5 “Absorbing and Touching” – The Reviews Hub

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Enterprise Arts Trust.

Reviews & Awards

“Unmissable” – ✮✮✮✮✮ Everything Theatre

OFFIE Winner for Theatre for Young Audiences – Original Music/Sound 2023
OFFIE Winner for Theatre for Young Audiences – Production 2023
OFFIE Finalist for Theatre for Young audiences – Writing – 2023

Ettie Award Winner for Best Theatre for Young Audiences Production – 2023

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Audience Thoughts and Feedback

“Miss, can we see it in real life yea?” – Student, Rye Hills Academy

“I really like how it’s an really interesting way for audiences of instigating and engaging with current conversations about migrants and refugees too (i.e other migrant experiences beyond the Kindertransport)” – Porl Cooper, Harrogate Theatres

“The puppetry was very well controlled and the music made a massive impact on me, it was almost like my chest was collapsing” – Member, Lewisham Youth Theatre

Special Thanks to…

The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive
The Voice/Vision Holocaust Survivor Oral History Archive have kindly given us access to their archives. The oral history testimonies captured have been instrumental in supporting the creation of the show and making sure that the truth of the history of the Kindertransport events are reflected. During the show we use real verbatim clips from Kindertransport children and huge thanks to the University of Michigan-Dearborn for granting us permission to use this fantastic resource. You can visit it here:

The Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust
The Sir Nicholas Winton Memorial Trust has given us special permission to use an original image of one of Sir Winton’s pieces of paperwork. The image shows a list of the Czech-Jewish children and the location, names and addresses of where they were housed across the UK. To read more about the trust, please visit


Kinder is a brand new show, aimed at teenagers. The story focuses on the one little girl’s adventure, as she is evacuated, on a Kindertransport train from Prague to Margate, to escape persecution just before the start of the Second World War. The story draws inspiration from the real life Czech Kindertransport event, where Czech-Jewish children were evacuated to seaside towns, across the UK. The Czech Kindertransport was pioneered by a British man, called Nicholas Winton and he saved 669 children. The initial concept for Kinder was conceived after a week of development support from the Little Angel Theatre, all the way back in 2016. A combination of other shows, commissions and touring commitments meant we weren’t able to revisit these ideas until 2020 and despite the pandemic, we were able work on the show remotely and then in bubbled rehearsals across 2021. Our resounding memories of seeing shows, as teenagers, are often uninspiring so we wanted to create great quality theatre, to take into non-theatre settings, including schools. To enable this, we have created a self-sufficient, self-contained structure that will be able to go into these settings and transport our audiences away from where they are. It gives us complete creative control over the environment, which is hugely exciting. It’s been an ambition for a while, to make a show that is specifically for this audience. Our experience working with teenagers is that they are brimming with life and ideas, they are exciting and challenging because often they refuse to accept what most people take to be a given. Whilst making Kinder, our world’s refugee crises have been at the forefront of our minds, first it was the Syrian Refugee crisis and in our current times, the war in Ukraine. Thousands of families are fleeing persecution and it’s been really interesting to look back at our work on Kinder, understanding that there is still a lot to learn about this and how humanity and kindness can make all the difference; it is what unites us when there is a divide.